The History of Microlighting

Flight is something that has fascinated man since we first observed birds in the sky, and the advent of heavier than air powered flight just one hundred years ago led to a frenzy of advances in the aircraft world.

One thing that came out of the changes was the appearance of very small personal aircraft for leisure use microlights were born, and with them the pastime of microlighting.

The history of microlighting goes back to the original ultralight aircraft of the first generation of powered flight, but the modern microlight is a development of the hang glider, a powerless wing on which people glide from a high point to the ground.

Adding a rudimentary engine and propeller to a hang glider created microlighting as we know it now, and the sport of microlighting is avidly practiced across the world.

In truth, the first true microlight aircraft those designed to be powered rather than with a tacked on engine were devised in the 1970's, and although they still resembled hang gliders it was this generation of tiny aircraft that began to fuel the imagination of a generation of interested and excited participants in the microlighting world.

When the idea of microlighting was developed further, in the 1980's, we began to see the start of the craft which are, in truth, miniature aeroplanes, and the entire world of microlighting took another turn.